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Chuck Peruto, Philadelphia District Attorney CandidateI was born and raised in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia until I was 19 years old.  Thereafter, I moved to the Wynnefield section, and then finally landed back in Overbrook. I attended St. Callistus Parochial School until the 8 grade, and thereafter spent a year in the the Catholic Seminary studying to be a priest, but then soon realized that certainly wasn’t for me. I attended and graduated St. Joseph’s University in the City and earned my law degree from Delaware Law School.    

After a stint in Lower Merion, I moved back to Philadelphia in Center City, so the overwhelming majority of my life was spent right here.  I have been a practicing attorney in Philadelphia for over 40 years and have never been disciplined by the Bar for any infraction whatsoever.  I have helped many people who I believed in, pro bono, and have had a very successful living, in the general practice of law with a concentration on criminal defense.  While this might scare some people, since our current District Attorney is touted as being a former criminal defense attorney, he was not.  Larry Krasner was a civil rights attorney who specialized in suing the Police Department.    

While I do not denigrate what he did whatsoever, I am hoping that the public understands that being a criminal defense attorney is a plus not a minus.  Simply because Krasner defended people accused of crime, does not mean I’m anything like him.  He has been quoted as saying after his election that “I am now a public defender with power!”.  That is not me, and never will be.  That is why my committee will be formed of several former Prosecutors, Police Officers, and business owners all of whom understand the need for public safety.  I would like to have the opportunity to employ the skills I have honed over these years to work for the City and citizens of Philadelphia rather than those accused of crime, as I’ve had a fulfilling life and practice in doing that already.  I know where changes need to be made, and I will make them.  I hope you read these position papers in their entirety because PERUTO MEANS BUSINESS. When I say business, I mean a safer City will bring more business in, will make property values rise, and as you can see from my positions, it also means the way I deal with criminals.    

I have entered this race as a Republican because it is my belief the other fine Democratic candidates for District Attorney running against Krasner will eventually lose, because of the money behind him put up by George Soros.  Therefore, while it has long been understood that whoever wins the Democratic nomination in this City, is a shoe in with the general election, I say “not so fast”.    

Having the firm belief that Larry Krasner will be the Democratic nominee, because of the millions he is able to spend, and the misinformation fed to the public by our liberal newspapers, I stand ready, willing, and able to face him in the Fall general election, and he won’t know what hit him. 

We will be building a website with real facts from real cases with their outcome involving guns and gun violence.  Anyone who reads what has occurred in the last three years, will do one of two things.  They will either run to far Bucks County, living out their life in peace, or they can make a difference and vote for me keeping their home, their property value, and the City they love.   

I love this City, always have, and I always defended being from here when traveling elsewhere.  This town can and will be saved.   


 The Girl in my Bathtub

There shouldn't have to be a section for this on anyone's campaign site, but because some people will not let this go away, I must address it.  

When November elections come up every year, it is inevitable that we all say to each other, "Are these the best two people we can get in this race?".  Many times, the reason being is that qualified people won't get into politics because things in their background will be brought up, that they have no control over, and they don't want to deal with it.  

I fully realize that when you run for an office as high as that of District Attorney, you will be examined with a magnifying glass and even a microscope.  It is what it is.  

In 2013, I was dating a woman for about 6 weeks.  It's impossible to know everything about a person in that short amount of time. I learned more about her after she died by reading an investigative article done by Philadelphia Magazine, written by Lisa DePaulo, which opened my eyes.  

In short, the best way to start with this is the Medical Examiner's report stating that her BAC was .45 and the cause of death was alcohol intoxication. But because she was found in my tub, everyone, including myself, assumed she drowned.  So many empty vodka bottles were found, it looked like there was a party in my house, but inspection of the security video of people entering and leaving showed only her.  

I was called the morning after she died, and raced back to Philadelphia.  My phone pings demonstrate that I was in Avalon when I got the call, and it pinged all the way to Philadelphia, as I was on my phone the entire time with people and I was in an upset state.  

The evening before, I was actually texting with her which the pings corroborated as well.  I was with several people who all gave statements or testified.  

When I got to Philadelphia, I gave a full and complete statement to homicide detectives, and voluntarily surrendered my telephone so that they can perform what is called a "phone dump".  This means they can extract anything from the phone including that which was erased.  

For the next several days, I couldn't enter or leave my apartment without being filmed by the major TV stations which was a harrowing experience.  

When I was finally permitted to re-enter my apartment, there was black dust everywhere, which was residue from collecting fingerprint evidence.  You will never understand how hard it is to clean that, until you are in that position.  

The long story short is that I was not her only boyfriend, but it was my apartment where she expired.  If it was another boyfriend's apartment, you would have never heard of the case.  

A bitter enemy of mine, District Attorney Seth Williams, decided to present this case to the Grand Jury after homicide detectives cleared me of any wrongdoing.  He decided that he was going to get his headline at my expense because I defended his First Assistant District Attorney Joseph McGettigan, Esquire when he left the District Attorney's Office.  Joe and I were good buddies, and when I was called by the Daily News for an interview, I said glowing things about Joe.  This enraged Seth Williams, who decided that my life was a fun thing to play with.  

Instead of me hiding and refusing to give a statement or explaining myself, I took to Facebook, and called him every name in the book.  At one point, I actually offered to fight him in front of the District Attorney's Office with his 3 police guards observing. You see, Lynne Abraham, didn't need to pay 3 full-time cops to watch her day and night, with overtime coming out their ears.  Seth Williams on the other hand had no regard for what this cost the City.  However, he may have needed that type of protection if he did to others what he did to me.  After all, if you are a crumb bum, you may have lots of enemies that will take a shot at you.  

I wrote Seth Williams a letter asking him to please bring this to the Grand Jury sooner rather than later.  I put in the letter that my Father was dying, had days or possibly weeks to live, and this was consuming him.  I asked  Seth Williams to please present the case to the Grand Jury, and whatever they find they find.  I was confident they would find no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on anyone's part.  

Instead of him speeding up the investigation, he dragged his feet and didn't even present evidence to the Grand Jury for 7 months. In the meantime, instead of him acting on my letter, he released it to the Philadelphia Inquirer so they could make it out that I thought I was a privileged character, and could call the shots of my own investigation. 

Finally, I was subpoenaed before the Grand Jury, along with my secretary, son, and just about everyone I knew, or knew the girl and myself together.  Everyone assumed that I would plead the Fifth Amendment, but I went in there and answered every question put to me, and literally had an applause from the Grand Jury when I was done.  I've never heard of such a thing in my life.  Grand Jurors were wishing me well, telling me that they were sorry to hear that my father had just passed away, and literally telling me it's a shame he wasn't alive for their findings!

I made it a crusade to find any dirt I could on Seth Williams, and send it to the Feds for prosecution.  While I'm not claiming I was the reason he was imprisoned, I would like to think that I was a small part of it.  I was going to attend his sentencing with pom poms, but I decided that would be unprofessional.  

This is my complete explanation for the darkest moment of my life, and I'm glad I'm here to tell you about it, and Seth Williams is reporting to his probation officer, having since been released from prison.  


Peruto For DA
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