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The problem with this issue is one of understanding.  Both Black and White people have legitimate arguments which is not the problem.  The problem is their inability to listen to each other.    

If we could have a normal exchange of ideas, with an open mind, we can settle more disputes than any can of tear gas or rubber bullets.    

A rogue Police Officer decides that he is Judge and Jury and snuffs out the life of George Floyd.  Let me be clear on this, if there was animosity between these two, from the other job they both worked, and it can be proven, then a jury should be able to consider 1st degree murder on this matter because it may have been intentional and premeditated.  I have not seen that evidence yet, but if it is out there, then a jury should hear it.    

Whether George Floyd was a saint or even could be cast as a martyr is irrelevant here.  He was a life in being, and now he no longer is.  This was the match that lit the fuse which has been connected to a powder keg for a long time.  Therefore, maybe Whites can take a moment from their daily schedule, sit down, and actually listen to what Black Lives Matter truly means and stands for.  It doesn’t mean that White lives don’t matter or that Black lives matter more than White. It simply means hey, what about us?  

I am 1000 percent in favor of Americans protesting in what they believe in.  This is nothing more and nothing less than the airing of their gripes for people to be aware of them and discuss them with the eye toward change.  However, the destruction of property, looting, arson, etc., is not the way to do it and those crimes would be prosecuted by me if elected.    

Many of our Black leaders lobby to get supermarkets to build in their predominantly Black areas, which major corporations have declined to do throughout history.  By looting these markets and businesses in their own neighborhoods, Blacks are hurting no one but themselves, as once these businesses burn, they will be inconvenienced for years to come and have to travel to go to a supermarket or pay higher prices for their large grocery list at the neighborhood store.    

People may be sick of the term Black on Black crime, but it is a serious reality and major concern of the silent majority amongst Blacks.  When they are victimized by burglary, theft, or robbery, and report the crime to Police, it is wrong for neighbors and other folk to put pressure on witnesses to stay home from Court.  Crime without punishment breeds more crime, and the vicious cycle won’t end.  Blacks in North and West Philadelphia deserve to be able to leave their bicycle on the sidewalk for 10 minutes to go inside, get a drink of water, and come outside and their bike is still there.  The culture must be changed, and these quality of life cases prosecuted.    

When I say prosecuted, I do not mean persecuted.  I do not mean giving a good kid, who had peer pressure put on him from his friends to steal the bike, a criminal record for the rest of his life.  There are programs in place to divert that case where he or she can earn the removal of that criminal record.  However, to just let them go time and time again just hurts all of us.   

Peruto For DA
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