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Larry Krasner has seen fit to go outside Philadelphia in almost every new Assistant District Attorney he has hired.  He believes that by hiring graduates from the likes of Yale and Harvard he is going to fix the problems of this City.  

You’ve heard the expression “think outside the box?” I say, “think inside the box” and hire from this area.  

Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, attending parochial school at St. Callistus in Overbrook, and graduating from St. Joseph’s University and Delaware Law School, I know exactly what our neighborhoods are like, and what type of graduates they produce.    

We need not leave the Philadelphia area to find the best and greatest law students in the Country.    
In our backyard, we have University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Drexel, Villanova, and Delaware Law Schools.  There is no reason to hire outside of these schools and I would pledge that no law student would be hired if they didn’t go to these schools or grow up in this area.  This is not discrimination, this is a District Attorney’s office for Philadelphia, by Philadelphians.  

These students know the neighborhoods and when selecting a jury, if you don’t think it’s important to know which neighborhoods have tendencies to go one way or the other, then you are going to lose that trial!  

I firmly believe that a local District Attorney’s office, will fare far better, without people who don’t know the area and the neighborhoods.  

Secondly, with these top tier law schools right in our back yard, there is no reason to even think about going elsewhere.  

Once these position papers are released, I am sure that Mr. Krasner may address this problem so he can claim during the election that he hired in all areas.  Make note of who he hired at the time these papers are released.  

Peruto For DA
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