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Almost every family within the Philadelphia borders is affected by this disease. No one, including me, has the right answers to fix this problem, but as District Attorney, there are certain measures I propose.  

First of all, possession/use of heroin or even pills without a prescription is a crime.   

All crimes should be prosecuted, as that is the sworn duty of your elected District Attorney.  As such, I will propose that we take one of our County jails that are currently not even being used and convert it to a secure drug rehabilitation center with professionally trained staff.  

The conversion of this jail along with the staff involved creates jobs that Philadelphia desperately needs.  

In order to get people clean, we must “dangle a carrot” before their eyes and motivate them.  I propose giving them guideline prison sentences for breaking this law, with the opportunity to gain early release by completing full in-patient program after detoxing.   

Detoxing is the biggest problem facing opioid addicted people as it is painful, ugly but at the same time achievable.    

Because these addicts will not complete this step on their own, we must aid them, in the new county rehabilitation center.   Knowing your loved one is there, is better than not knowing where they are on the streets getting high.  

Once released back into society, they will be drug tested at least once per week, as a condition of their parole, and if there is a relapse, they will be brought back in the rehabilitation center to start over again.  Earning release the second time will be much more difficult.  This is necessary to protect the public from violent crime as well as quality of life violations.  

When people are in a place, where their freedom is removed, they can’t be burglarizing our homes, breaking into our cars, and even worse, robbing us at gunpoint because they are desperate for their fix.  This may be cold, but it is also reality.  If you have a loved one in this situation, wouldn’t you rather have them alive in a rehabilitation center than six feet beneath the earth's surface?  There is always hope for an addict, and this gives them and their families that hope, while protecting the public.  

Under the current administration, these crimes aren’t even prosecuted, therefore, we have no control over their thievery and praying upon society which I would be sworn to protect.    

If you ask the question of whether or not I am for or against a “safe injection site,” read the above and you will know the answer.  Shooting heroin could never be safe, and the fact that you are doing it with others’, similarly situated, to find out where they bought their drugs, who has better drugs, who has cheaper drugs, etc. is the most ridiculous idea ever proposed by mankind.    

Furthermore, when you read about inmates overdosing in jail, haven’t you asked yourself “how are these drugs getting in?”  If you don’t know the answers it’s because Larry Krasner has not convened a grand jury to investigate, where I would. 

Peruto For DA
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