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My position on this is simple.  Anyone who commits a crime against our citizens will be prosecuted. No one is above the law, and the general public must stop with the nonsense that they are for or against any group.    

Every case has a different set of facts and circumstances.  They should be dealt with justly, taking into consideration all factors. The City of Philadelphia itself is a full partner, and shares in the blame of some of the bad shootings and treatment of our citizens.  Spending the money on payouts over civil suits, wherein it is often times multitudes more expensive than training and equipping our police is a disgrace.  For instance, when two officers are side by side as partners, shouldn’t one of them be able to shoot their taser in the appropriate situation before resorting to lethal force?  Obviously, our Philadelphia Police need to protect themselves from criminals.  But if there is a way from diffusing a situation short of the loss of life, then for God’s sake it should be employed!  The City of Philadelphia in hiring 911 operators has failed us.  This position requires substantial education in Psychology, knowledge of the neighborhoods, and training far beyond what is required of them now.  We must begin to change the culture of our Police Department starting at the Police Academy, on up the line.  However, no Police Officer will be prosecuted by me where I have to resort to second guessing and Monday morning quarterbacking for a decision they make.  If their decision is justified under the circumstances, they have no fear of prosecution.    

We must have a seasoned Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Police Department, and the Mayor’s Office as a liaison, so that we can all work together in stemming our gun violence.  However, it is the opinion of this candidate, that our current Mayor is not equipped to run the Philadelphia Police Department, and therefore, no real progress will be made in this area until he is replaced.  His ordering the Police to stand down while police cars are being firebombed before their eyes, urine is thrown on them, they are spit on, etc., is unacceptable.  If the Police did police work on the first day of the George Floyd protests, we would not suffer the property damage we did that day, the second day, the third day or the fifteenth day.  Likewise, the decision in refusing to prosecute burglars who had nothing to do with a protest, because it occurred during a period of “civil unrest”, should be impeachable.  George Floyd’s memory is ill-served by refusing to prosecute looters and burglars.  All we do in these circumstances is drive business out of the City raising your property taxes because there will be less businesses to pay their share, and the money must come from somewhere.   

Peruto For DA
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